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Lien Resolution Services

We manage all aspects of the resolution of conditional payment demands from Medicare in a fast, “low impact” manner. We reduce the amount reimbursed to Medicare to the lowest permitted by law and then ensure the Medicare file is closed to protect from future recovery.
Health insurance carriers that offer Medicare Advantage Plans have recently become much more aggressive in seeking reimbursement under the federal Medicare Secondary Payer law. We can manage the responses to such demands and negotiate reasonable reimbursements.
Some state Medicaid programs have begun seeking reimbursement for payments made in cases where a payer with primary responsibility exists. We can help you create a solid policy for Medicaid reimbursement and then manage the investigation and reimbursement process.

Why Choose CP Resolutions





Complete Focus on the Needs of Claims Professionals

We have spent many decades in day-to-day claim operations and leadership. From this, we have a deep respect for claims professionals. We understand your priorities and the realities of the adjuster’s desk. Everything we do as a company is focused on doing our job in a way that enhances rather than distracts from an adjuster’s core responsibilities.







Client-Focused Technology

We are dedicated to implementing solid, modern technology to deliver our services “on time” and within the context of an adjuster’s daily workflow. We use technology to both deliver and obtain information in the simplest, most unobtrusive way possible.










Competitive Pricing

Our industry experience has led us to set pricing commensurate with other lien resolution and bill review services. Our technology allows us to provide our services in a streamlined manner. Call us to learn about our industry-best pricing.








Surprisingly Easy Onboarding

Beginning to work with CP Resolutions is as easy as sending a referral using the button at the top of the page. For larger engagements, we have made onboarding as simple as possible. Full onboarding can take as little as a half-day.