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CP Resolutions Services

What We Offer

CP Resolutions offers comprehensive Medicare and Medicaid lien resolution for any bodily injury claim.

In each instance, CP Resolutions performs the following tasks:


Investigation of the lien


Review and negotiation of the lien down to the lowest amount permitted by law


Obtaining a final “bill” and closing out the claim

These services are complex because each type of lien requires following a very different process.

We break these services into these three categories:

The process for reimbursing Medicare for conditional payments is complex and ever-changing.

The right of Medicare Advantage Plans to recover under the federal Medicare Secondary Payer laws has only been recognized in a small number of states. The process of reimbursement differs from company to company.

Medicaid plans are administered at the state level. Currently, only a few states aggressively seek reimbursement for Medicaid payments made in cases where there is a primary insurer. Each of these states prescribes a different process to handle reimbursement.

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